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Medication Safety and Management

Personal Care Assistant: TabSafe Dispenser

Discover this innovative medication system from Comfort Keepers in Oreland, PA

The MedMinder is a home health services product from Comfort Keepers in Oreland, PADealing with multiple medications on a daily basis can be challenging for anyone. It is easy to get caught up in mundane tasks and activities and forget about taking the right dose of the right medication, which can lead to health concerns, especially in seniors who are managing chronic conditions.

At Comfort Keepers, we are well aware how worried you may be that your loved one is unintentionally skipping their doses. That is why we offer two medication management solutions for our clients in Oreland, PA.

If your loved one wishes to receive help from a personal care assistant, we can offer medication reminders as part of our senior care services. While human assistance is always the best way to go, it is important to note that we are not a provider of medical care, so our care experts cannot dispense medications.

That is why we also offer technology support to our senior clients. One of our most popular medication management systems is Tab Safe, an innovative device that allows for effortless handling of medications.

To reduce medication errors to a zero, we believe it is best to combine the services of a personal care assistant with our products. However, we also understand that not all seniors wish to receive expert home care - and with our medication management products, it is easy for older adults to manage their medications completely on their own.

TabSafe Features

The TabSafe medication system contains four medication cartridges. Each cartridge has the capacity to store 16 or 32 doses that are interchangeable. The system is user-friendly and easy to program even if your senior loved one doesn’t have any experience with similar devices. It can manage a multitude of complex dosing schedules for every day of the week. TabSafe also features an energy-saving mode and 24-hour battery backup that will ensure that the system is operational even if there is an electrical grid failure.

The device connects to an existing phone line and provides a direct line to our SafetyChoice Monitoring Station which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The system is automatically set to call up to three emergency contact numbers should your senior mom or dad fail to take their medications on time. If nobody from your parent’s contact list answers, TabSafe will send an alert to the SafetyChoice Monitoring Station, which will immediately call your loved one or their personal care assistant.

In-Home Consultation

To learn more about our efficient medication management and senior safety solutions, contact us online anytime or call our local Oreland, PA, office at (267) 293-7434 to schedule a free, no-obligation in-home consultation today. A friendly personal care assistant can visit your senior mom or dad’s home, demonstrate how our products operate and recommend the right device for their needs and medication timetable. We are happy to be of help!


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