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In Home Health Care Products: Bedside Pressure Mats & Motion Detectors

If your loved one is at risk of wandering, consider getting bedside pressure mats or motion detectors

Comfort Keepers offers in home health care products like motion detectors to keep seniors safe in Oreland, PAWandering is unfortunately quite common amongst seniors with dementia and can be very worrying for their family members. Individuals with dementia can feel disoriented even in their own home, so if your loved one has trouble with their memory they can easily put themselves in harm's way, especially during the night when no one is keeping an eye on them. At Comfort Keepers, we strive to provide top in home health care, and that is why we decided to develop state-of-the-art devices that will keep your senior safe and your mind at ease.


Bedside Pressure Mats

We understand that you want to ensure your loved one's safety even when in home health care providers are not around to take care of your parent. Our bedside pressure mats will ensure that your loved one stays independent as much as possible for as long as possible. Comfort Keepers want to help seniors in Oreland, PA, achieve their full potential and keep control over their own lives while keeping their loved ones at ease. This is why we have created bedside pressure mats which will alarm our SafetyChoice Centralized Monitoring Station the moment someone steps on them. You can place them next to your loved one’s bed or anyplace they like to sleep. This way, if your parent gets up at night, our representatives at the Station will receive the notification and act accordingly. This device is especially useful for seniors who suffer from Alzheimer’s and they can be turned off when needed.

Infrared Motion Detectors

In order to improve our in home health care services, we have also developed infrared motion detectors which are, just like pressure mats, connected to our SafetyChoice Centralized Monitoring Station. They are most often installed in the central area of senior’s house and once they are activated, they alert staff at the Monitoring Station that something is happening. As soon as they receive the notification, our dedicated and trained responders will get in touch with your loved one or their in home health care provider and find out what is going on. Like pressure mats, these detectors can also be turned off during the day.


If you have any questions about our products or in home health care services, don’t hesitate to contact us online or call Comfort Keepers of Oreland, PA, today at (267) 293-7434.


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