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Senior Recovery After Pneumonia

Jan 25, 2019 by Ian Bongaardt

When you have a senior transitioning from a hospital back into their home to finish recovery, you may be worried about them being readmitted. Individuals aged 65 and over have an increased likelihood of hospital readmission when compared to those who are younger, but more importantly, their mortality rate is higher as well. To put it simply recovery is crucial.  

When seniors are sent home from the hospital to finish recovery from illnesses like pneumonia, they are often given a clear set of instructions to follow, but they may not be able to complete them alone. Due to the illness or medication side effects, your loved one may be sleeping more than normal, so they may not be aware that their symptoms are worsening or have the energy to see their primary care physician for follow-up. Your loved one may also be eating improperly or not getting enough water. This could be because they have no energy to shop for or prepare food, or they may not have an appetite. This is where your local Comfort Keepers® is able to step in and provide a helping hand with expertly trained caregivers providing support and a crucial link between you, your loved one, and your loved one’s physician.

Comfort Keepers® caregivers are able to assist your loved one while they recover in a variety of ways. They can take care of any grocery shopping, ensuring that there is nutritious food available to cook with and making certain your loved one is meeting dietary requirements.  Caregivers can also support your senior by helping them stick to their recovery plan, including reminding them when to take medications or providing transportation to follow up physician appointments. Another benefit to having a caregiver is that your senior will simply have company, which can potentially reduce depression and risk of hospital readmission. Our ultimate goal is to assist your loved one with day to day tasks so that they can focus on their recovery and you can rest assured that they are well cared for.

If you’d like to learn more about Comfort Keepers®, our senior transitional care services in Oreland, PA, or would like to schedule your free in home consultation, please visit us online anytime or call us at (267) 293-7434. Our agents are available to answer your questions 24/7 and would love to help your family start making moments into memories. 

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