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In Home Care: Tips To Help Your Loved One Overcome Their Post-Holiday Blues

Dec 20, 2018 by Ian Bongaardt

It can be quite the relief that the holidays are almost over. No more worrying about wrapping gifts, entertaining large crowds, or cooking. But, before you get too excited, in home care providers want to remind you that sometimes seniors experience depression during this time, especially if they are isolated from their family and friends.

Below, our in home care team will discuss some of the ways your senior can overcome their post-holiday blues this season.

1. The American Geriatric Society for Health in Aging recommends that seniors volunteer to help relieve them of the post-holiday blues they may experience. Giving back to the community will give them a sense of self and pride too.

2. Take time to learn a new hobby or skill. It can be anything that interests your senior such as cooking or even learning how to cycle in a cycling class.

3. Create visible memories of the holidays. This can be done by hanging up some pictures from the big celebration or even keeping some of the cards they received up on the mantel.

4. Plan a vacation. Of course, it can be a small weekend one. The best time to go would be somewhere between February and March when it is not too hot or too cold outside.

5. Take time to put the decorations away. Do not rush it and leave a wreath up until mid-January if needed. Taking the time to put the decorations away can help relieve some of the grief experienced.

In home care teams do want to warn you to keep an eye out for these symptoms as they could mean that your loved one is experiencing more than post-holiday blues:

  • Inability to sleep or excessive sleep
  • Loss of fatigue or energy
  • Difficulty thinking, concentrating or being overly indecisive
  • Significant loss or gain of weight
  • Feelings of depression or guilt

The in home care team at Comfort Keepers is here to help provide you with some great tips to help your loved one overcome the post-holiday blues. 

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