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Home Care Provider Experts Talk About Winter Risks That Can Affect Seniors

Nov 30, 2018 by Ian Bongaardt

As it cools down outside, seniors run the risk of health complications and injuries associated to that cold weather. It is important that your loved one’s home care provider pays special attention to your loved one and takes the necessary precautions to keep your senior safe. Below, we will go over some of the winter health risks that exist.

Influenza can result in pneumonia which can also lead to hospitalizations and death in the elderly. Home care provider teams recommend that seniors 65 and older receive the flu vaccine. While it cannot prevent the flu 100 percent, it can reduce the symptoms experienced with the flu.

Lung spasms often occur when seniors have previous respiratory conditions including COPD and asthma. Seniors are sensitive to the cold and the air outside can affect their lungs and cause them to spasm. Often, home care provider teams recommend that seniors wear a ski mask or protect their mouth and lungs when outside and prevent inhalation of the cold air.

Winter depression is another common problem that often occurs in the winter and this is because the cold air can cause illness to flare up and exacerbate medical conditions. The best remedy for this is for your loved one to get enough vitamin D. If they do not want to take a supplement, they can receive vitamin D through foods such as grains, milk, tuna, and salmon.

The home care provider team at Comfort Keepers is here to help your loved one prepare for the winter and avoid the common medical complications that can arise. It is important that your loved one stay indoors as much as possible and always stay dry when it is cold outside. If your loved one does need to go outside, make sure they bundle up. 

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