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Senior Care Providers Talk About When Driving May Be Unsafe For Seniors

Oct 16, 2018 by Ian Bongaardt

Your loved one’s performance on the road may come into question at some point and you want to help support their independence, but, you must be sure that they are safe, and their driving ability has not diminished. Not all seniors retain the ability to drive due to illness, eye conditions, and other reasons. Your loved one’s senior care provider recommends that you approach the situation cautiously as your senior may think you are trying to strip them of their independence.

Below, our senior care team will talk about some of the different ways to assess your loved one’s ability to drive.

  • Do you notice that your loved one’s reaction time to stopping or traffic lights has diminished?
  • Take several drives with your senior and pay attention to their demeanor as they do drive. Look for signs of tiredness, irritation, and anxiety
  • Have you noticed questionable driving? Senior care providers would consider questionable driving such as tailgating, taking risks such as speeding up at yellow lights, or driving erratically
  • Is your senior scared to drive alone or at night? Is this because they have a hard time seeing or need additional help to see?
  • Does your senior remain aware of their surroundings? Do you notice they drift too close to the center line?
  • Check in with neighbors, friends, and other loved ones to find out if they have noticed any change in your loved one’s ability to drive or driving habits
  • Lastly, take a walk around your senior’s car and look for any signs of damage that may indicate issues or accidents

Your loved one’s age does not indicate whether he or she will be able to drive, but, senior care providers warn that as we do age, our ability may be limited. Comfort Keepers is here to help you and your loved one, so do not hesitate to call us today

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