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Senior Home Care Advice: How to Encourage Older Adults to Be Independent

Aug 30, 2018 by Ian Bongaardt

Senior home care can help older adults live happier, healthier lives. Fortunately, there are various ways caregivers can encourage older adults to be independent while providing them with care. Here’s how:


Adding Home Modifications

Most homes were not designed with senior needs in mind. Therefore, many older adults have a difficult time navigating their homes. The good news is that there are a wide range of home modifications that can make it easier for seniors to perform everyday tasks with minimal or no assistance. Installing adequate lighting, adding grab bars to bathrooms, and replacing rugs with non-slip mats are all recommended by senior home care professionals.


Planning Activities That Work the Brain

When seniors participate in brain-boosting activities, they are more likely to be independent and complete tasks on their own. Brain-boosting activities such as Sudoku, puzzles, reading, hobbies, and classes can all help.


Educating Seniors on Technology

There are various technologies out there that are specifically designed to make life easier for seniors and allow them to live more independently. These technologies include health tracking apps, home security systems, and medication dispensing systems.


Keeping in Touch with Loved Ones

Older adults should make an effort to keep in touch with their loved ones and spend time with the ones who live close by. Senior home care aides explain that by doing so, they can develop strong relationships and have a person or two to call for support or assistance in an emergency situation.


Promoting Exercise

There are countless benefits to exercise. It can improve a senior’s heart as well as their balance and flexibility. When seniors are more flexible and less likely to fall because they have developed balance, they can live more independent lives.


Adding home modifications, planning activities that work the brain, educating seniors on technology, and keeping in touch with loved ones can all help seniors in Oreland, PA, live happy, independent lives.


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