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Home Health Care Services Advice: Low-Impact Workouts for Seniors

Aug 2, 2018 by Ian Bongaardt

Older adults with musculoskeletal conditions should understand that they can exercise without experiencing any pain or discomfort. There are a variety of low-impact exercises that will allow them to burn calories and build strength and flexibility without aggravating their conditions. Providers who offer home health care services in Oreland, PA, suggest these exercises:



By walking around their neighborhood or a local park on a daily basis, older adults can boost their heart health and improve their balance and coordination skills. To make walking a more enjoyable exercise, older adults should invite a friend, family member, or aide who offers home health care services to come along.



Biking is ideal for older adults because it gives them the opportunity to get their cardio fix without adding stress to their joints. Older adults can ride on a conventional or stationary bike or both in order to diversify their workout routine.



Professionals who specialize in home health care services explain that exercising in water is fun and safe for seniors with joint problems. This is because water buoyancy significantly reduces the weight placed on weight bearing joints. Seniors can swim laps or take a water aerobics class at their local gym or community center.



One of the reasons yoga has increased in popularity in recent years is because it allows people of all ages, including seniors, to improve their strength and flexibility and focus on deep breathing and stress reduction in a low-impact way. Older adults should try a beginner’s yoga class with their loved ones.



It’s crucial for older adults to get into the habit of stretching for several minutes before and after they exercise. This way, they can warm up their muscles and reduce their risk of injury.


Walking, biking, swimming, yoga, and stretching are all examples of exciting low-impact exercises for older adults who would like to improve their health in a comfortable, pain-free way.


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